Wrought Iron Plain Handrail on Three Posts - 2.6m - 4.2m

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Wrought Iron Plain Handrail on Three Posts - 2.6m - 4.2m


These versatile handrails are an affordable DIY method of adding a handrail to your property. The handrail pivots on the three posts, this allows the handrail to be installed down a slope, on uneven ground or down a small flight of steps. The handrail is designed to sit at approx 90cm high, the ideal height for holding onto.

Available in a choice of finishes:

Bare Metal - supplied with no coatings applied, allowing you to add the finish of your choice and colour.

Black Zinc Primed - one coat of a zinc based paint is applied to help prevent rust, your rail will arrive black and will require a top coat and then the usual ongoing maintenance you traditionally associate with wrought iron.


Top handrail - 40mm x 12mm convex half moon solid bar

Bolt Down Posts - 40mm x 40mm box section with a plate welded to the bottom in an offset position, with four pre-drilled holes, if opting for a bolt down post. The plate is welded in an offset position to allow you to place the post flush against a step etc if needed. The holes in the base plate are drilled to 9mm.

Concrete in posts - 40mm x 40mm box section, left 500mm longer, so that this portion can be concreted into the ground.

The handrail extends 20cm beyond the post at each end. Therefore a 3.2m long handrail will consist of 20cm of handrail, then a post (4cm) with 272cm of handrail between the two posts, a second post (4cm), with a further 20cm protruding at the other side of the post. The third post is placed centrally along the handrail, in this case at 1.6m.

Supplied with thunder bolts for fixing to brick, concrete and wood.

Available with a choice of posts

Choose between bolt down and concrete in posts, in a number of combinations.

Why can't I order three bolt down posts? You will often find that if all the posts are bolt down, that one of the posts will not touch the ground. Having at least one concrete in or side bolt post eliminates this problem.

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