Wrought Iron Style Exterior Handrail/ Garden Railing With One Side Bolt Post and One Side Bolt Bracket

Wrought Iron Style Exterior Handrail/ Garden Railing With One Side Bolt Post and One Side Bolt Bracket

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Wrought Iron Style Exterior Handrail/ Garden Railing With One Side Bolt Post

These versatile handrails are an affordable DIY method of adding a handrail to your property. The handrail will attach to a wall at one end with a post at the other end. The handrail pivots on the wall bracket and post, allowing it to sit at the angle you require. The handrail is designed to sit at approx 90cm high, the ideal height for holding onto. 
These handrails are designed to be bolted to walls. Typically the side bolt post will be bolted to a wall that forms a set of steps or stairs. Please note that if you have paving slabs on your steps that protrude over the edge of your wall you will not be able to install side bolting posts without cutting out a section of the slab as the posts are designed to bolt to the wall and sit flush against it. The wall bracket is designed to bolt to a wall.
The post and wall bracket can be bolted to walls on either side.

Available in a choice of finishes:

Bare Metal - supplied with no coatings applied, allowing you to add the finish of your choice and colour.

Black Zinc Primed - one coat of a zinc based paint is applied to help prevent rust, your rail will arrive black and will require a top coat and then the usual ongoing maintenance you traditionally associate with wrought iron.


Top handrail - 40mm x 12mm convex half moon solid bar, curled at both ends
Post - 40mm x 40mm box section 
Available with a choice of wall mounted bracket, plain or flower.
The handrail extends 20cm beyond the post. 
The length of handrail is the total length from one end to the other.

The side bolting post is 125cm long. The handrail is then secured on top which adds approx. 2cm to the height. There are two holes drilled in the posts. The first hole is drilled 6cm up from the bottom and the second hole is drilled 20.5cm up from the bottom.

The post is drilled all the way through, there is a 12mm hole one side, for securing to the wall and a 25mm hole the other to fit a socket through. Two black plastic plugs are supplied to cover the fixing holes once the post has been installed.

M10 thunder bolts are supplied for fixing the post to a brick or concrete wall. Please note that they are not suitable for fixing into wood.

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