Concrete in handrail post

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40mm x 40mm box section, left 500mm longer than our bolt down posts, so that this section can be concreted into the ground.

A post cap is welded to the top with an eye welded to that, allowing any of our handrails with eyes welded to the underside to be attached.

Height: 1360mm, once a handrail is attached, the top of the handrail will be approximately 900mm from the ground and 500mm of the post should be below the ground.

Available in a choice of two finishes:

Bare Metal - supplied with no coatings applied, allowing you to add the finish of your choice and colour.

Black Zinc Primed - one coat of a zinc based paint is applied to help prevent rust, your rail will arrive black and will require a top coat and then the usual ongoing maintenance you traditionally associate with wrought iron.