Wrought Iron Boot Scraper Mud Shoe Cleaner

Wrought Iron Boot Scraper Mud Shoe Cleaner

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These boot scrapers are designed to be pushed into the ground or they can be concreted in for extra stability.


Height - 380mm

Width - 310mm, the scraper is 180mm wide

Depth - 30mm

The vertical bars are 30mm x 8mm flat bar, the scraper is 25mm x 5mm flat bar.

Weight - 1.6kg

Available in a choice of finishes. 

Bare metal - allowing you to add a finish of your choice and colour.

Black Zinc Primed - one coat of a zinc based paint is applied to help prevent rust, your rail will arrive gloss black and will require a top coat and then the usual ongoing maintenance you traditionally associate with wrought iron.

Zinc primed and powder coated gloss black - the zinc provides protection against rust whilst the powder coating provides a smooth finish. This finish requires the least ongoing maintenance of the three.